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The Long Tail of Apparel Marketing


Founded by Cheryl Singer in 1974, Tail Activewear was born to deliver the best in fit, fabric, and fashion in the world of women’s active apparel.

The Challenge

Tail Activewear and their performance agency, P3 Media, sought to achieve 3 key goals for their business: 

  • Get fresh new creatives in market quickly. 

  • Learn what works, and why, to get more efficient use of their media spend. 

  • Increase overall purchase conversion.

The Savvy Solution

Based on analysis of color and motion trends using Tail’s past campaign data as well as aggregate industry insights, Savvy diversified Tail’s ad content and showcased their products across a broad set of environments and lifestyles to boost emotional resonance. 

Focusing on Tail’s latest tennis wear line, Savvy leveraged it’s dynamic render technology to design a video ad blueprint and generate a range of permutations featuring different color themes, fashion styles and messaging to test in market within days. 

When tested against Tail’s static image ads across the same spend, these video ad variants yielded a 5x increase on impressions plus a 2x ROAS lift. 

Similar tests were performed on Tail’s golf wear ads, this time leveraging UGC, testimonials, and outfits portrayed in various lifestyle settings informed by Savvy’s analysis of top-performing content from Tail’s static ads. 


Over 5 weeks, Savvy earned Tail Activewear a 2x improvement on their purchase ROAS benchmark, a 129% decrease in cost per purchase, and a 5x increase in impressions for the same spend, proving the effectiveness of video over static ads.

Savvy’s speed to market and frictionless process enabled Tail Activewear to rapidly determine winning content combinations with confidence, which ultimately led to increased efficiency across a number of key metrics within their media spend.

*results varied by product


Increased ROAS


Increased impressions


Decrease in cost per purchase

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