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Creative is Your Greatest Performance Lever

Maintaining ad creative performance is hard!

No matter how successful you are, learning from your data, evolving your creative, and increasing the impact of your ads requires constant effort. In truth, most of your new ads are going to fail. It’s impossible to predict which ads will work and which won’t, and changes such as iOS 14.5 and ATT make it even harder. 

Savvy Creative Optimization

Savvy offers brands a fresh new way to overcome these challenges. With our proprietary technology and process, Savvy makes it possible for brands of all sizes to continuously evolve their creative towards peak performance rapidly and effortlessly.

How We Do It

Clip Creation

We break down your best creatives and create clip iterations to test what is most eye-catching to your audience.

Storyline Rebuilding

We look at the storylines of your best creatives and rebuild them using our new eye-catching clip iterations. 

Detail Refinement

We test the new storylines and identify any segments where there is a performance drop-off. We continuously create variations for these sections until there is consistent performance.

The best part about Savvy is, you don’t need to do ANYTHING! 

Savvy was designed to fit seamlessly with your existing marketing operation. We handle all the work and show you the performance gains. 


Partnering with Savvy, Hush was able to drive home a larger ROI, while building up their creative library. 


Decrease in Cost

Per Purchase


Increased ROAS

Tail Activewear

Savvy partnered with Tail Activewear to boost awareness and drive unprecedented customer conversion.



Decrease in Cost

Per Purchase


Increased ROAS

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