Savvy Custom Blueprint

Savvy Custom Blueprint allows marketers to create highly scalable, attention-grabbing video ad content for paid, earned, and owned media.​​

Built on our patent-pending video rendering technology, Custom Blueprints can take your existing assets and output limitless video permutations for: 

Personalized /

Interest-based messaging

Video showing every product within your catalog

Localization / Globalization 

Iterate to prevent 

creative burnout

A/B testing

Blueprint Technology

Blueprints are our secret sauce and the foundation of our system. Blueprints are flexible video templates that fuse eye-catching visuals and motion with any number of interchangeable, dynamic elements. While many competing dynamic systems simply layer assets on top of one another, Savvy immerses your content into visually rich 2D and 3D sequences, maintaining higher fidelity while preserving the flexibility of a dynamic platform. 

Dynamic Rendering Platform

The Savvy Platform provides access to blueprints and options for versioning, whether done manually through our online editor, or at scale leveraging a data feed. Our dynamic render engine is capable of building any number of videos against a broad range of specifications (sizes, aspect ratios, output formats, codecs, etc.)


Flexible Versioning

What makes Custom Blueprints so powerful is their flexibility, offering support for a wide range of interchangeable content types and configuration options based on the design of the Blueprint. This expands the creative possibilities while maintaining vast scalability.