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Hero Cosmetics Case Study

The Challenge

A top-ranked brand for beauty and personal care on Amazon, Hero Cosmetics has taken off on a rocketship of growth.

Hero’s next challenge was to move beyond their best-selling “Mighty Patch” and convince their audience to try their new skincare line.

The Savvy Solution

Savvy Optimization Service to the rescue. 


Utilizing sentiment analysis, experimentation with product portrayal and a range of storytelling techniques in combination rapid iterative ad production, Savvy quickly earned Hero traction against their KPIs, yielding noticeable improvements within the first week of testing.  


From the outset, Savvy utilized sentiment analysis and assessed past ad performance to gain a deeper understanding of what appeals to Hero’s user base.

Savvy then experimented with different content types and themes targeting specific personality types and emotional triggers in pursuit of winning combinations for the brand.

Transforming Hero’s flat product imagery into 3D motion created a more enticing intro to the video ads, making for a 28% increase in view rate. 

Additionally, Savvy discovered direct correlations between view time and conversion rate for the Clear Collective Trio product line. 

Wave 1 (test each product)

Products marketed individually

Wave 1 (testing depiction of steps)

Products marketed in a bundle

As part of the Optimization Sprint, new videos were created around two key approaches, to learn which was more effective at drawing interest:

  • Individual Skincare Products

  • The Clear Collective Trio

Knowing that moisturizer performed significantly better as a standalone product, additional moisturizer-specific ad variations were created to test various content types including ASMR, ingredients highlights and testimonials. 

The Clear Collective Trio, along with a simple 3-step tutorial, increased ROAS by 26%.

Products marketed in a bundle

Products marketed individually

Wave 2 (variations of moisturizer)

Wave 2 (content + order)


Hero hit a home run with the optimization of their skincare-specific ad set, as they improved on their purchase ROAS benchmarks by 26%, drove down respective cost per purchase benchmark by 116%*, and increased their respective CTR (Link) benchmark by 69%*.

Best of all, using the deeper insights  surfaced by Savvy’s iterative process, Hero can confidently scale this strategy across their entire product line.

*results varied by product



Increased ROAS


Decreased in 

Cost Per Purchase


Increased CTR

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