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Daring Case Study

The Challenge

Food and beverage eCommerce is exploding. On top of that, interest in plant-based meat alternatives has risen in popularity, drawing a broad audience ranging from vegans to die-hard meat lovers. 

Seizing the opportunity, Daring reached out to Savvy looking to develop fresh ad creatives to increase brand awareness and drive conversion.

The Savvy Solution

Leveraging insights from analytics performed against Daring’s past creative and audience data, Savvy identified the optimal imagery for Daring’s audience, then upscaled Daring’s ads from imagery to video to grab and hold users attention towards better view and conversion.

Theme 1

Product / Health / Ingredients

Theme 2

Experience / Taste / Texture

Theme 3

Environmental / Mission

Our initial testing phase featured 3 executions, each representing a distinct theme and associated audience persona:

Theme 1 was created for logical archetypes showcasing nutritional values and stats. 

Theme 2 was created for a curiosity mindset, emphasizing texture and highlighting taste sensors. 

Theme 3 was created to highlight environmental friendliness appealing to mission-minded audience who pursue products that align with their values. 

Our initial test quickly surfaced two key findings: ads highlighting taste and texture yielded 37% higher conversion than others in the same ad set, and ad creatives featuring red, yellow, and orange visuals increased conversion by 22%. 

Our video platform was then used to generate new iterations informed by these learnings and get them into market in a matter of days. 

These adjustments earned Daring 1.8X more click through and over 2X conversion. 

We took these learnings and married them with Savvy’s 3D capability to transform Daring’s product imagery into rich 3D. The combination of flashy visuals, lifelike ingredients and bold colors helped to draw attention and increase view rate.  


Savvy increased Daring’s ROAS by more than 81% and chopped cost per purchase by 139%. 

Oh, and by the way, Daring set the record for their best converting ad of all time!

*results varied by product


Decrease in Cost

Per Purchase


Video Ad





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