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Power your paid media with data-driven videos

Hi there 👋. We’re Savvy.

We believe that when brands leverage technology, creativity, and data, great things can happen. We’ve developed a performance video technology and process that works, and we want to share it with eCommerce brands of all sizes.

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Discover a new way of performance marketing:

Savvy is built on patent-pending technology that leverages your existing assets to create a broad range of video ad content designed to capture attention and convert all types of audiences.

With the release of iOS 14.5 and ATT (App Tracking Transparency), it’s more important than ever to create a variety of content so you can serve the most effective ads across your diverse audience.

Custom curated ads for your brand:

Ditch cookie-cutter templates! Every Savvy video is custom-tailored to your brand. No need to learn a new process. All the time-consuming tasks of creating new content are handled for you with no effort on your part.

Best of all, Savvy delivers a wide variety of video ad content that speaks to all the different aspects of your brand. Created for the platform context, built to specifications, and designed to drive results.

The Secret Weapon: Data-Driven Iteration

Here’s an ugly truth … your awesome new ads may not work right from the get-go. The secret to achieving optimal creative performance is the iterative process and gets you there.


Savvy performs rapid test-and-learn cycles to evolve and analyze your creative over time, to learn the reasons behind which ads succeed. This allows you to maximize your media spend and scale with confidence.

Who Savvy is for?

Savvy is built for e-commerce DTC brands, across all levels of monthly media spend, who see data and creative as a path to maximizing ad performance but seek a partner and technology to help them get there.

If you value data and measurable ROI over pixel-perfect creative, Savvy can be a powerful tool for your brand.


What can Savvy do for your brand?


Savvy Self Service

Get attention grabbing 3D video clips at an attainable price. Let your brand shine across all platforms.


Managed Service

Get a wide variety of fresh new creatives, ready to launch in days without lifting a finger.

Savvy Examples

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